Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deep Thinking about Nutrition

Most of my clients looking to lose weight, gained that weight by eating too little. Most people need over 2,000 calories per day but nearly all clients I see are not even close to that. The biggest problem is explaining that poor food choices was a part of how they got over weight but also lack of food is a big contributor as well. If you eat fast food twice in one day, not only are those calories bad for you but also too little, you'll be lucky to get 1200 calories for that day and you'll feel full and bloated so you think you ate way too much, in reality your body is starving and storing those terrible calories. When I tell clients they need to eat a lot more they look at me like I'm crazy. After all, "isn't food what got me here in the first place?" Figuring out your nutrition is the hardest part in fitness but once you do it's all down hill from there.  Visit one of our Personal Trainers in Lakewood CO to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

- Article by Luke Hand

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