Friday, September 6, 2013

Lakewood Gyms: Keep your body guessing

Do you ever wonder why you see results when you start training and then those gains begin to taper off? Our bodies are amazing machines, they are designed to adapt to the stressors that are placed on them in order to protect themselves from injury. As important and necessary as this is, it also prevents us from seeing the gains we desire when we train our bodies the same way with the same routine on a regular basis. We can overcome plateaus by confusing our muscles using different training methods. Simple things such as: using free-weights versus machines, using a stability ball instead of a bench, changing your hand grip, performing more body weight exercises and changing the plane of motion will help you break through the barriers.
There are resources available at your gym that can assist you with designing workouts that will help you keep your routines fresh and fun! As important as it is to change your routine and take advantage of the many different methods of exercise, it is equally important to use proper form. When performing exercises incorrectly your potential gains will be decreased and the potential for injury will increase. Personal Trainers are a great resource to help motivate you, design a program tailored to your goals and most importantly, teach you proper technique so you will see the results you desire!
Most gyms offer a free initial consultation with a Personal Trainer. Take advantage of this opportunity the next time you’re at your gym! or visit our Personal Training Gym in Lakewood CO

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